Illinois 91, Wisconsin 83 Postgame



Winged Warrior

Marcus Domask. A warrior comes home, orange flag in hand and carrying in the wind like his own growing legend.

Quad 1 win. Nurtured a fragile lead and took care of an always tough roadkill win like a newborn baby. Slapped Wisconsin in its already swollen face with all our weapons and played some strict defense down the stretch.

Xanax game, right here. Helps us soothe a lot of built up anxiety. Now some of y’all can make love to your spouses again without crying afterwards.

No better way to start the month of March.
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Let’s admit it, Illini Nation. Nobody expected Domask to be this incredible (as he has turned out to be) when he first came to The Beloved. We knew he was a nice team piece. But THIS!?

He’s been amazing. Right up their with TS ‘Junior’ in being this team’s alpha leader and part of the true heart of this team.

What a great blessing he has been for Our Beloved. And what thanks we offer to him and all those who worked to bring him and his talents to the Orange & Blue.

Just a reminder: Keep the Wisconsin Pipeline going!

As for today... nice tournament tune-up game.