Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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If this keeps up we're going to need to recruit fans from other states to fill Memorial stadium. If we won't put the effort to really recruit the state and we keep producing a below average team then where are the fans going to come from?
Not Iowa
perhaps he already knows something we don't....
We can only hope. You gotta think even Beckman was scooping up and dishing out beans and weenies at these events. Our HS is not a great funnel for us like they’re starting to be again in hoops, and IU is about to join the list of schools who cherry pick Arlene from our front yard. But this is on our staff to swallow their pride and fix it, and blowing this off is ridiculous and pours gas on it. Just embarrassing.
Kind of figured we would see a lot of recruits take the dismissal as a chance to jump ship and play for a better team. The next hire has their work cut out for them, but they'll have time to right the ship I don't expect a winning record until year 3.
These are the moments you wish for a Big Name coach to surprisingly take the Illinois job & see those who jump off our ship regret it.
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