Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

I saw an interview with Saban very early in the season and he said Billingsley wasn't doing the things expected of him and Alabama standards. He got into the doghouse and except for 2 games (when Saban needed him because of injury and Covid) never got out of it.
Spann's enrolled at FSU.
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I’m assuming there are players who have notified the staff they’re transferring but are waiting for the spring semester to get started before they jump into the portal.
Robert talked about this in his last podcast. Players are disincentivized to announce anything early. If they plan to transfer after spring semester but announce it after the season, they lose their spring scholarship. He thinks there are quite a few more to come but didn’t throw out any numbers.
Zy Crisler is a big man, but I don't see a lot of info on him. He has one other offer, from Southern Miss.
So Ford and Barker?
I actually saw a comment on LF twitter where he was doing a 360 dunk and someone had commented on it pleading with him to come back. I was completely unaware he was leaving or is this one of the cases that haven't been announced yet?
What about Spann?
None of us know for sure, but I suspect that Peterson's non-use of Spann also had total knowledge and perhaps approval of BB. Perhaps always too injured to participate? Perhaps a tad uncooperative? Oh well, the only time we ever threw to him was a bomb or two per game.