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Does anyone know anything about Steven Scott III? On page 5 of this thread there is an announcement that he has committed to Illinois but I'm not seeing anything else about his commitment anywhere and he is not listed as committed on the 247 commitment page.

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with two southern California schools coming in to the B1G, does it make sense to try to start recruiting there now ?
No ones gets less out of more than super Mario…..Bret would be dangerous with Oregon and Miami resources and ethical backgrounds.
I do sort of agree with this, of course when he was with the Ducks he did beat Ohio State in Columbus. That game was simply one where the most physical team won.


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I have no problem with Bret firing shots at other staffs. I feel like it's not great bringing the recruits / players into it. I will admit that I am very ignorant as to what the specifics would be, but I see that tweet and I immediately think Bret is criticizing that player's decision. Now apparently that is wrong, but the fact that it's so vague and ambiguous seems like it is more trouble than it is worth.
Insiders, correct me if I've got the main point or the details wrong please.

I think this is basically BB sayin that U promised this kid a $bag but the $bag is coming up a little light so now U is having to go out and do their version of panhandling their supporters to try to make up the difference to get him the amount he was promised during the recruiting process.

If I'm accurate, then I don't have a problem w/BB highlighting the fact that certain programs are overpromising and underdelivering...especially if we have a track record that we can point to that supports us following through on NIL projections/promises.
boy i do not like this. i get where he's coming from are a big ten head football coach in the year 2024, knowing "how this stuff works" is part of your job.

like it or not, this is how the sport works now.

i'm nervous.
The point is he knows EXACTLY how this stuff works.

And is calling out a staff that has either overpromised and under delivered or is incredibly shady with how their NIL collective operates.

(Or both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
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