Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2019)

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Quick question. Have any of the recruits signed NLIs?

I know Kofi is waiting on his mom to sign.
Still would like to se a PG as Dre is definitely gone after next year and heavy chances of Ayo going. Know we are recruiting for 2020 but don't want to end up ala Groce. Good to have a guy learning the system. This guy can shoot but have no idea as to his defense. Know AG can play defense and shot over 50% in HS. Guess I trust that between AG, KN, and TJ that that position is covered for some time so not a need like PF.
Really like the variety of shooting angles, fade back, hand in the face, little off balance (I'm sure the tape is a little misleading, cause on it he shoots 100%) Still, kind of Dirk Nowitski-like (don't go crazy on the comparison) on the less than perfect set ups and shoot. If he's quick enough at higher level looks like he can finish at the rim as well. But with his shot and Ayo and Frazier, ought be able to get him open on some more open look threes, and looks like he can be counted on to make a good %. If not a defensive liability, three yes(s).
Forgot Tre, Tre deserves to be included with Ayo and Trent on the drive and kicks. Almost like having multiple lines in Hockey, provides lots of rotation options, and keep up the pressure on the other teams backups, keep ours fresher.
Shooting is something that we have been sorely lacking the last couple of years. Lots of guys either afraid to shoot or don't have a quick enough release to consistently get their shot off in the BIG. He seems to be able to get his shot off quickly and without a lot of space. Someone who can consistently do that at a 40%+ clip would make a world of difference.

Also like the way he takes angles and finishes high off the backboard. Think that sort of finishing can translate against bigger/more athletic players.

Defense is obviously a question, but I r eally hope we get him. Anyone else in on this kid?
Rather have this kid!
Kayne Henry, and he loves to play defense, and the staff knows their staff. Played behind Chris Duarte who got most of the playing time with good reason.

Kayne Henry just committed and signed with Jacksonville State.
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