Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November 2020)

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There must be a reason....

Will baker wasn’t tough enough to play for a players coach at a school that doesn’t care about basketball. He’s been consistently overrated since high school (I say this as somebody who coached against him 4 times). He benefited from playing with 3 other D1 players, Matthew Mayer at Baylor, Keonte Kennedy at Xavier, and Brock Cunningham at UT, who actually did all the tough dirty work around the basket so will baker could float at the 3 point line. He would get abused/exposed in the big ten and playing for BU.
Sounds like BU would love him.
But not the end of the world either... 🌎

We went all in on Mac and Cardet and are going to miss out on them as well... but the staff has the attentions in other places and has seen this Chips falling this way for a while...

Lets just get thru this week with a couple monogram defining wins and we can go ahead and relax because the contingency plan we start to appear out of the smoke...

and the contingency plan isn’t just to wait around until the portal.

the pipers and sturdy’s don’t even know what or where the contingency plan is going to come from because the staff is not leaking anything anymore! Their not playing with them or anyone else anymore and everything will be tight to the vest!

in this Twitter and social media age you don’t see how something so small as your recruiting “experts” and fan base can make you seem like the most unattractive needy clingy former girlfriend you can possibly think of! And that’s what we are right now...

but the staff has figured it out. This whole cycle is a wash and the staff knows it. They arent happy about it either and I’m going to remind everyone I liked what I heard for the direction. It’s this team 1st and the new levels of prestige will grow from them! Only then and there will we be able to start becoming picky and choosy (“Select”) with our recruits, instead of recruits selecting us...

And there is a few old names that may resurface in the next couple weeks and maybe a new one or two... for 2021

Because the staff has revamped its entire approach now just because of the suffering and losses this cycle has brought?
Do you think this staff takes L’s easily or likes to lose?

just like Ty Ty’s recruitment was, every single high priority recruitment from here on out will go the exact same way... 🤐💯👑

All because this staff has been burned too many times!‼️ 🙆🏽🤦🏽‍♂️

We definitely are the butt end of recruiting jokes right now is AAU coaches circles, looking like desperate clowns... AGAIN 🙄

The whole world knew we weren’t getting Hop, NES, Ty, etc...

We are back to being played for likes and shares fellas...

catch up, because it’s going to get real tight lipped around here 😲🤐 ❌👉🏼🤐🙇🏽‍♂️

This post confuses me...
I know flips don’t happen a lot in college basketball but I wouldn’t be shocked this year. If we are as good as I think, some that are not signed might reconsider. Why didn’t Caleb Furst sign with Purdue?? Does he want to team up with his buddy Luke Goode.. 😁😁
I wonder how apprehensive these recruits are about joining a team whose two primary options seem like total unknowns for returning. Ayo has supposed to have been gone for 2 years now, and Kofi is in his first year of "sike I'm back." Adam Miller already got yoinked a bit, gotta wonder if these guys feel nervous committing to a program where they might not get to play much in their first year.

Still, Underwood has done some pretty fantastic work with transfers and international players. This staff finds hidden talent in very unusual places that most B10 teams don't. Given that this year will probably be a banner one for transfers due to Covid, I bet they'll find some good players there. I'm not overly concerned about one down year anyways. In 2019 Kofi was essentially the only guy of note they got by conventional means, and things have turned out ok since then.
Playing Ace and Belo as frosh has to help. Also believe we will see Cole more as the season progresses. Will need a 4 with size against Michigan and Whisky. But if they see frosh getting playing time with a very good team it has to change their outlook.
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