Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2019)

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God I feel you. I went to that event, as did everyone else, to watch basketball and watch our team, not an ascot-wearing turd rant against the President. I don't really care who the president was or is or what they do or did, there is no place for that at a basketball event.
Maybe it was the mercury?

Remember when we invited Jeremy effing Piven, he made some political rant, and it killed our midnight madness?
Sooooo schools like KU or Nebby invite rappers like Snoop or Rick Ross, seems like there’s an equation that works. Even when KU had to issue an apology for the explicitness of the show, it still popped for the kids/cruits.
My dad used to work with old bloom coach Gary Meyer. Meyer said they played a game vs Thornton once where at times there were 8 D1 guys on the floor between the 2 teams.

Man I’m feeling old. My high school is in the same conference as Bloom, but the coach back then was Wes Mason — two coaches prior to Meyer.
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Illinois will be in tomorrow for 4
PG Andre Curbelo’20 @papicurbelo11 of @NYJayhawks & @LuHiBasketball #Illini
Are you referencing Jermaine "Hawkins" Hamlin?

Hawkins overall is far more offensively ahead of Mitchell imo...staff wanted him more due to style of play. Mitchell is more your proto-typical 4 or at least will be in college...Hawkins will be a wing/slashing 4 I think. I still think the kid plays similiar style to Durant. Talent is there to be groomed and the body is there for Fletch to do his magic.
McCoy had mad handles. Thought he'd make the League, but he couldn't shoot.

He hurt his knee when he was with San Francisco (or at least battled knee problems) and he just was never the same. When he played at DePaul, he just didn't have the explosiveness he had when I used to watch him against my high school.
Does anybody know if the Khalen Robinson OV is still on for this weekend??
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