Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2020)

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Can't wait till this is over


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Honestly, I'm somewhat optimistic about this recruitment. With Whitesox giving his thumbs up and BigTim saying it's us when all crystal balls say otherwise... I'll take a leap of faith. We'll see how it plays out. This would definitely be one to remember if the good guys win
Would sure love to hear the latest on what everyone is hearing. Less than 24 hours away. Who cares if it is uk that you are hearing. Lets drop the latest and have some fun on Loyalty after dark.
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And just like that....the "insiders" now have less than 24 hours to remain "insiders". We shall see how accurate and trustworthy their information really is.
Here come the negative Nancy's. These are the fans that I don't enjoy being around. They thrive when a team isn't doing what it is supposed to do. They are the guys that enjoy when we aren't playing well so they can yell and tell everyone how bad we really are. They remind me of the guy from Major League that loses faith and would rather rag on the team than have the team do well.
And just like that....the "insiders" now have less than 24 hours to remain "insiders". We shall see how accurate and trustworthy their information really is.

Let's repeat for those of you who have logic on mute:
Clearly not every "insider" on here is an actual insider. However, even the ones who actually do have inside information are subject to the ebb and flow of recruiting. Even the staff is subject to that ebb and flow, and since most of the insiders of the variety you might expect to see on boards like these are going to be the ones who are connected to the staff or else plugged into a HS or AAU scene somewhere, it's all third-hand information at best, so it should NEVER be taken as gospel.

Just enjoy the ride, man.
Seems to me the Hopkins camp has acknowledged that they are providing “misdirection” in order to allow the announcement to have suspense.

So obviously, if it’s UK that means they intentionally mislead people in the UI program, who then either posted that here or passed it on to those who did.

Or, they did the same to UK and also mislead media types - hence the crystal balls to UK... and they have successfully created a shock factor to pick us.

It’s probably UK, but has anyone tied to the program indicated that his camp has told us it’s not us?
Regardless, my point is that I believe our insiders have accurately relayed what they’ve heard from the staff/program.

We’re either the pawn in this silly announcement game or we’re not. Either way, it’s something to kill time until we tip off this run to the Natty, right?
It's 100% UK at this point - need to focus on Mac, he's a must get. Big men are scarce in this class.
Definately a must get & the staff has put the time in. I hate the fact that he is waiting till spring. That gives Kentucky a chance to get their fingers in there. I feel like athletes who wait till the spring are looking for other offers. Why else would you wait? Only time will tell.
To add to the fact that info being passed via the telephone game: Too many people here forget that recruits don’t have their minds fully made up and are constantly getting heavy sales pitches from people who do it for a living. Have you guys never been hyped up by some sales pitch and responded positively then changed your mind on once you got home? Imagine that happening to you multiple times a week....while being a teenager. And add family and coach influence. And your friends. There is not a single insider that is going to hit on all of these, even if they’re friends with staff and the recruit just due to the nature of the game. Pulling an insider’s card based on the flow of a single call is just goofy. Anyone expecting insider info to hit much better than your Hank Aaron winner is gonna have a bad time. Appreciate what we do get so we can continue to be weirdos for following this stuff as a bunch of (mostly) old guys.
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Guys, I don't say much.
Being completely transparent here, I would never put Chiefs on here just to throw darts.
I was told a very specific thing. When I'm told this, I will occasionally share the random pop in to Loyalty.
I'm not in the business of flip/flopping.
Sometimes, things are messy behind the scenes.
Yes, we all know where the CB's lay currently.
Yes, it seems like a longshot when hearing the overwhelming chatter to the UK side.
I will own it (if wrong) and apologize for misguiding people's faith, after this announcement happens.
Also, I won't be the guy who ever says I told you so.
I have a passion for Illini Basketball and try to share in that passion with Loyalty, when possible.
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