Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 19th, 2021)

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Our 5 current recruits in video probably could waste about 40 minutes on this thread. I have to say that Ramses, Podziemski and Plummer lead the way to an amazing class. Ramses is my favorite for 6 man of the year.

Ramses #22 in white, team crushing other team.

RJ Melendez is the best fit for Underwood's style that I have seen here at ILL. Future Pro our best Freshman.

Podziemski is a huge wild card. He could be awesome.

Can't help but be shocked by his shooting ability and I love his fire.

Goode #20 in blue 10 minute video going against a Purdue incoming Fr.

Goode can create his own shot.

Think Plummer can help spread the floor?

Payne likes to dunk.

He is going to be a So, so imagine what some time with Fletch could do?
wait for it lol GIF by Shalita Grant
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