Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 1st, 2021)

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Can confirm as someone who talks to Coleman and Luke on a semi consistent basis they are very tight and this is just college kids being college kids.
I wish I put a disclaimer on my post that this was just banter between them lol. Figured it was obvious
Happens more than one thinks.
Uthoff from Wisconsin to Iowa
Brust from Iowa to Wisconsin
Albrecht from Michigan to Purdue
Bielfeldt from Michigan to Indiana
Dakich from Michigan to OSU
Wheeler from PSU to OSU

I recall Luke Recker going from IU to Iowa was a big story 20 years ago or so. Now no one bats an eye.
I would love Franklin. Dude is a perfect fit and a baller, good kid too. I'm still always surprised when players are willing to transfer to their nearby rival school though. Having to go play against the guys you had just been going to battle with has to be a little weird, particularly when you add a rivalry layer to it, though he's from the midwest so I get wanting to stay close to home.
I used to think this too but 1. Players will always do what they think is best for them and 2. (more importantly) We fans almost always have more animosity built up from longer histories with a rival than individual players do.
Hoping I was merely fished in.
Better figuratively than literally, MoCo. It's a bass-eat-crab world out there. Keep your claws up and your eye stalks on a swivel.
One has to like this portal recruiting ..........from start to finish in less than 2 months. Heck the other way sometimes it took 2 years of following. I know this board had Ayo on the radar for easily 2 years of HS and AAU.
Why should the top programs bother with HS/AAU so much then moving forward?

If you’re a coach at a top program that wins, and has shown to be able to get guys into the league, then why not take two transfers a year? You’ll likely be able to take your pick of the best.

The transfer market used to be players who outplayed their HS recruiting tier. Now it includes former top prospects.

I wouldn’t mind it being 50/50 transfers vs HS recruits as the yearly baseline.
Jim Mattson mentioned a banquet taking place next week and mentioned any possible transfers will probably come after that. He sounded like he expected a few, which I think we all agree will probably happen. Franklin and Podz are great fits for our offense.
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