Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 1st)

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Kofi is coming back
Don't know his financial situation but he most definitely needs more seasoning and refinement. Would love to see him return but it looks like a flip of the coin at this time. Hope it comes up Illini.
I feel bad for Dan constantly having to clean up this dumpster fire of a forum because participants here can't stay on topic.

I mean, it's kinda his own fault. If he'd just create a "bad takes" thread, an "I think I'm hilarious" thread, and an "I'm under the impression that every thought I have is worth sharing" thead, we'd have other places to post.
Will have his degree in May......hasn’t seen Mom in 2 years. Thinks he can play professionally in Europe....which is home. Seems like maybe he is seeing the big picture.
How does he graduate 8n three years? Is that common?
Not open for further replies.