Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 5th, 2021)

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TJD a tweet with some posiitive bat signals. Get your cups out boys.
For those who believe that the Mac Irvin Fire relationship is trashed in wake of Miller entering transfer portal, apparently the directive did not make it to JJ this past weekend. Check out the last two minutes or so for post-game interview where Illini come up. And take in the game highlights in the first three minutes to see why this kid is highly recruited. For those interested, pretty sure there is a full game film (50 minutes or so) out there as well.
This guy oozes talent. Like enough talent to be a future #1 pick if he keeps improving at this rate. I was particularly impressed by his passing -- seems like a guy that would be fun to play with and is the whole package.

I know we're a ways out, but I am looking ahead to that 2023 class. I wonder how tight knit those three guys at Kenwood -- JJ, Dai Dai, and Davius -- are, b/c if JJ was being serious about how much he likes Illinois and we legit have a chance to pull him down here AND just maybe get those two to tag along, that would be the Sergio/Griffin/Frank pull on steroids. The fact that they'll be interacting with Ayo's dad in HS has to only help. Getting just a litttttle bit ahead of myself but hey, it's fun to dream. Either way, fun to see that Chicago looks to be back with another AD/Jabari-like talent plus multiple really high-level recruits.
Just saw Tre Mitchell's prep coach Bergeron, who UMass hired when he signed... just let him go once Tre went into the portal...... any ideas out there, asking for a friend.
Don't get me wrong, I love all the updates and "news", but it seems the longer we go without "GOOD news" the more of a chance we have of receiving bad news. 🤷
I, for one, love the Caribbean pipeline.

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