Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 5th, 2021)

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Is Storr a diamond in the rough? Just seems odd we were recruiting him when his offers are the likes of Austin Peay and Chicago St. Is this to get Tyty?
I agree. I know that stars and offer lists aren't everything, but I'd love some intel as to why people think that he's going to hit the national radar?
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I agree. I know that stars and offer lists aren't everything, but I'd love some intel as to why people think that he's going to hit the national radar?
It really doesn't even matter if he does or doesn't hit the national radar. We just saw a team win the tourney without a single top 50 recruit on the roster and only 5 in the top 100. We got absolutely smoked by a Loyola team with a center from Illinois ranked in the 300s and a lockdown defender that was even ranked. Time to stop worrying so much about whether a given player has a certain amount of stars next to his name. Until they prove otherwise, we should give the staff the benefit of the doubt that they know the game of basketball and can evaluate a guy that might play well for our team.
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I'd think so. AJ has great size. Will likely play the 2/3 mostly so I don't see any negative impact on Tyty.
6'-5", athletic, shooter. My dream of having a stable of 6'-4" to 6'-9" wings is coming to fruition (with the occasional top 30-40 guard or big man) See Baylor, UCLA, Houston, Alabama, etc, etc. Explosive offensive power and switch, switch, switch on D.
Duke's recruiting rankings over the past decade (per 247):
2011: 2
2012: 41
2013: 9
2014: 1
2015: 2
2016: 1
2017: 1
2018: 1
2019: 3
2020: 3
2021: 4

Declining recruiting effectiveness?

Obviously Duke continues to recruit very strongly.

But K is 74 years old, and the oldest *ever* D1 coach is Boeheim at 76. Won't be long until Father Time catches them both. The vultures already are starting to circle:

Will K still be around for a current HS sophomore's full college career? I sure wouldn't bet on it.
Not to stay off topic in the recruiting thread, BUTTTTT5 times in the last decade Duke has been in the elite eight. I’m not really sure what you consider consistent championship conversation if that’s not it.

As far as UNC, Roy has won more titles than Dean albeit making less Final Fours, Elite Eights and Sweet Sixteens (Dean also coached their twice as many years).

I would drown puppies to look at this as “not contending for a championship consistently”
Mercer U
Rockford, Illinois
He's 18, IIRC.
According to

Shooting guard AJ Storr's stock is soaring after a move out West
ByERIC BOSSI Dec 10, 2020

“I think I’m going to stick with 2022," said Storr. "I just turned 17 not too long ago so I was really young for 2021. I was just 16 when I started out as a senior so I decided that it was best to reclass.

There are a couple of other interviews out there, all positive, and from what I remember when he lived in Rockford (he played at Rockford Lutheran freshman year), he’s a great kid. They were very sad to lose him. Welcome to the Illinois Basketball Family, AJ! Illini Nation looks forward to seeing you play in the Orange and Blue!
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