Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 5th)

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Cincinnati, OH
Gentry is now following this guy on twitter:

6' 5" junior CG? Averaged 16.2 ppg, 38.6% 3 pt

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If we don't land Tyty, which i don't think we will, who is going to play guard next year? Curbelo and Hutcherson (if healthy) are really our only two guards. The two freshman I suppose, but they seem more like wings.
So as far as transfers, I’ve seen these guys mentioned on here or Twitter:

Franklin — IU — G
Joel Soriano — Fordham — C
Tre Mitchell — UMass — C/F
Christian Bishop — Creighton — F
Trey Wade — Wichita St —F
Micah Peavy — Texas Tech — G
Noah Gurley — Furman — F

Not sure how many of these we really have interest in or still have a chance with. Any I’m missing or any updates on what our interest/chances really are?
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Is Gorgi leaving?
Yes he is. It was rumored for the last week or so. He really misses his family. He hasn't seen them since before Covid. He will go be a pro in Europe. When Payne committed I saw him as a Giorgi replacement, not exactly a Kofi replacement. Giorgi would be serviceable as a starting 5, but none of us wanted that full time. Hate to see him leave
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