Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of July 19th, 2021)

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When you've been around here as long as I have and heard enough people say that "we need to lock down the state" you don't put it past anyone to say that stuff. Needed a "/s" at the end.
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Watch the Video from this weekend. Jake Fiegen 2023 from New Trier His first shot is half court. Makes it and walks away like he makes that shot all the time!? Tell me what you think....
I'd like to have a kid with this kind of shooting ability on the Illini. Quick release, one dribble & shoot, contested shots...
Confession: while rooting for the Illini, I really enjoyed watching Wisconsin's D'Mitrik Trice and Iowa's Bohannon and Wieskamp drill shots this past season.
Great shot-making makes for entertaining basketball.
The last year UNC got the #1 player from the State of North Carolina? 2014. That includes missing on Brandon Ingram, Dennis Smith, Devan Dotson, Patrick Williams, Isaiah Todd (went pro), and Bam Adebayo. Ohio State has done much better but still only three times since 2014. UK hasn't snagged one but their state rarely has someone worth prioritizing (for them).

No state gives much loyalty to their in-state school. We just complain about the State of Illinois because their our state. The priority is and should be on national recruiting.
Not that I 100% disagree with you, but the UNC point is a bit tongue in cheek when there are two other very good programs in NC and the other two have claimed a few top NC recruits since 2014. NC State has recruited NC very well.

With how available every game is to everyone, the local loyalty definitely has gone down. No matter where you go, your friends and family can find you on TV.

That said, it seems that local schools are always in the race for top local talent. Whether that’s a play by the players or if it’s legitimate I don’t know, but Chicago has some elite talent flowing through it and contesting for them all, it would certainly be nice to lock a couple down.

Rankings are just that - rankings.
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