Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Why are people asking for specifics from the "insiders" .. Dan's place is free.

"What time though?"
"When will Player A commit?"
"Why haven't you said who?"
"Haven't heard anything for 17 hours? What gives?"

People only deliver what they want to/are able to on here.... ev1 chill.


"The Good Land", WI
Anyone following her twitter?
Understand Captain America GIF
Not trying to pick nits, but are you calling Remy Martin Kansas' leader? He was their 6th man and I would consider Agbaji their leader, who was a four year starter (well, 3.5 year) for them. I think your overall point is still valid though.
I was referring to JCL as a joke:)
I heard Lieb was gonna start at the 5 and Goode was going to start at the 2, which we all know is Goode's natural position.
A couple of people are confused about Goode’s natural position.
Do they measure to the top of his hair to get him to 6'3"?
I said something similar to my friend. Must be that Kentucky couple inches. Rivals has him at 6’2. They also listed Trent at 6’2 and I stood next to him in kams. He’s maybeeee 6 foot.
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