Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Ageed. I remember Marcus being rated as the #1 recruit in the country.
I am aged too. Marcus was pretty much the consensus #1 for 1986/87. Others in the running were Dennis Scott, Labradford Smith, Eric Manuel, and Larry Johnson.

In 1984/85, of the two preseason glossies, one had Lowell Hamilton and the other had the late Ben Wilson #1. Danny Ferry probably edged out Pervis Ellison and Sean Elliott for consensus #1. Lowell was probably consensus top 5.
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So can someone enlighten me on what these Emoni Bates rumors are? People are saying Ant tweeted something about it, did he delete it? Just from a logical standpoint I just don’t see Bates making any sense.
There’d be a direct ripple effect on 1-2 current players if Bates came here. Not worth it IMO, and agreed that I really don’t see it happening.
I don't think so. Look what happened to this team last year or what ended the Bulls great start to the season. You need depth and consistency from top to bottom. These kids don't need 30+ minutes a game to make it to the league. For example, Chet Holmgren's numbers were ok, but he didn't have to play while games, (*because they play high school teams on that league)so this probably helped him. He was at lower risk of being injured, looking fatigued, or being on the floor long enough to have televised freshman blunders.

Resiliance is Resistance. Which will lead to Repeated success. A team in any facet of life cannot be resilient without enough troops to man the watch.

This team will be built like a pro team and that will be very appealing to a lot of kids.
Not to go back to the Bulls again I know.. but After Zach's thumb injury and return the rotation barely had him playing in the 4th, until closing time.

There will be some hockey lineup shift changes and all out full throttle play this season, IMO.
There’d be a direct ripple effect on 1-2 current players if Bates came here. Not worth it IMO, and agreed that I really don’t see it happening.

Unless someone else has already commented, this is the accepted cycle. Which is why we had some players enter the portal - due to the "ripple effect" you mention.

In theory (and IMO in practice too) this should be good. A school gets better players - in this case perhaps far better - and the ones that feel unsafe (substitute a better word if you so chose) enter the portal (for a better situation).

The problem, in this case, is what-if some of the current players leave and this super talent is forced to leave. That is what Brad is paid to decide.

Never thought I would be here but I would take abates. A few months ago, I didn’t want the drama. But, after some awesome recruiting victories, TSJ and Mayer, I feel taking him is much less a risk. I still want ALL our freshman to get some tic - they all have shown some flashes and going be great college players. Loyalty and chemistry is going to be harder to build moving forward but I trust Brad.
If Bates has his head on straight then you certainly would take him if he wants to come. He was only 17 last year and still the #1 player in the country. He would be certainly be the highest rated NBA prospect on our talented squad. I know we have a talented group of new players but not quite like that. If he is willing to listen and be coached then if you can get him you do so. Players have to understand you earn your playing time in practice and will be given an opportunity regardless of who is in the roster. BU won't just give it to anyone
Pretty sure Illinois turned down Bates awhile back. What would have changed in the last month? Don’t think they would take him now. The rumor is not coming from the Illinois side.
That's fine. I have no idea either way. There just seems to be conflicting reports from Indy and Ant Wright and those that say otherwise. I do feel that both sides are reporting truthfully what they are hearing so who really knows what's going on now days. Things can change so fast
I do wish I knew who BU was referring to Weds night in Peoria when he told us sitting in the audience he was on the phone 40 minutes in his way over that day discussing NIL for 40 minutes with an agent trying regarding a prospect for one of our two spots and it was not an international player since they can't get NIL.
It may not have been Bare"s or Nance"s agent but it was somebody's. I just wish I knew who's! Lol
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If talent was the only factor than Kentucky and Duke with their roster of five stars would win the NC every year. Ignoring the chemistry is not something this staff will do. There is also a future component of experience and continuity which becomes more difficult with transfers. I see building a roster with a developing player rather than adding a one year player with a questionable attitude a no brainer. Of course that assumes both are choices of the staff.
You take Bates if he's willing to play within the system. Hands down. I'm assuming Underwood's decision hinges more so on Bates's attitude and whether he'd be a concern in the locker room. Not so much on whether someone else on the team would have their feelings hurt.
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