Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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I've seen a lot of film now of Scharnowski and there's sure a lot to like. Every aspect of his game looks solid, including defense. If we haven't offered this kid yet, let's get that done immediately!
Why? If the kid is from China, that is material to his basketball playing background. Kofi was from Jamaica, which was one reason he was as undeveloped as he was as a high school senior. Same with Giorgi being from Georgia or any other foreign born player.
Whatever his origins, the kid can definitely play. Has great handles for a big.
I have to laugh at these Harding/Iowa jokes because, on one hand, I’m an Illini fan, but I’m also a Moline alum, so I can’t go all-in on hating Harding. But as soon as he committed, I knew these jokes would be made and he’ll be absolutely hated by Big Ten opponents. On one hand I’ll love it, on another I’ll hate seeing a good kid from a good family in my hometown getting hated on. But it also means he’s successful, so I’m sure it’ll all be good. I know he can take it so I can laugh along.
Brother Brody plays baseball at Illinois:

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