Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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My son is currently finishing his second year of college and is concurrently enrolled in a masters program after taking one year in high school and does not have a hs degree. I’m sure it’s very different for athletes to qualify to play but a diploma is unquestionably not required to be accepted at a university.
Every situation is unique, but my money is on your son still having to show some kind of equivalency, particularly for a dual Bachelor's/Master's program. They won't accept kids who can't do the work. Even genius-level kids need to take the placement tests to show they can handle it.
Not a great 3 point shooter just yet. Otherwise than that, he seems to be a strong PF almost every college coach would love to have.
The guy shot 46% on 3s, 13 for 28. That's great!!

It was his shot-percentage on two-pointers that is the only thing keeping him from being a 5-star.


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Eagles? Seems they missed an opportunity.
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I miss kids coming to Ilinois and developing over 4 years.

You wonder if we would have a National Title if

Nick stays - we only lose Lowell and Kenny
Deron stays - we only lose Roger
Ayo stays - we only lose Adam
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