Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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DGL's outside shot has beautiful arc. Plus plus athleticism too. Kid has a lot of tools.
A few of those shots looked a little awkward...almost a one handed shot. Not saying we want two-handed shots, but it just looked different.
Where in the world is DGL playing? School, rec league? He is still in HS somewhere isn't he?

Yes, I like what I see, but that highlight shows high volume shooting. The real test is if he can hit 40+% or better from the arc against strong and quick B1G guards on 6 attempts or less. Of course, if he can gain the skills of Alfonso Plummer, maybe more. But when you can finish like that with a variety of shots at the rim, you have yourself another Jayden Epps....of which you need two or three on the floor at all times.

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As long as it wasn't a three way with J Bohannon it may be worth taking a second look at him.
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His D looked good when he played for Montverde against Hansberry's team, Dra was very engaged and a high energy defender.
He looks quick enough to play good defense if that is his goal.
Speaking of looking like Iowa basketball players, I think the Brock Harding kid at Moline will end up being a player. Got a chance to watch him play, and he seemed like a quicker/more athletic Bohannon, although maybe not quite the shooter yet. They blew out Rolling Meadows last night and might be the best team in the state.
I'm not sure what to think of that kid. He is SMALL. He is extremely quick and does have a nice shot when he is shooting on balance but I just don't know what he will be able to do against players in the BIG.
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