Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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IL metro east burbs of St. Louis
Mascoutah Indian, class of ‘85.

Just don’t bring up Kris Jenner and the Liberty Bowl. Steve Lantner…..sure.

O'Fallon Township High School class of '94

I'm in one of the last classes that Mascoutah was our biggest rival. Fr and So years we were still in the MVC then Jr and Sr year we moved to the South Seven because Roxana and Woodriver threatened to leave if we didn't cause of our size. Then a few years later they left anyways to form a new small school conference with others.

oh.. Go Panthers!


The desert
old timer
Springfield High class of 59. State Champs
steve buscemi youth GIF
Paris Tigers Class of '65....State Champs '43 and '47... the years in which my brother and I were born. Ernie Eveland kept asking my Mom and Dad to have about 8 kids. My grandfather gave me a basketball and hoop that would ring a bell when a ball went through....on my first birthday!
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