Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Age has nothing to do with it THT was 17 when he got to Iowa State
I mean if he was already 18 which would mean he was held back a year earlier in his life then the chances of reclassing would be a lot higher. I know some kids enroll early at 17 but it's pretty rare.
I know it's early and there's going to be a lot more/better players to hit the portal, but we haven't been connected to hardly anyone yet. we're not really acting like a team that is going to have a lot of attrition.


Paducah, Ky
Jamison Battle of Minnesota is in the portal
Much rather have a star from a lower ranked conference than a bench warmer from a P5.
That’s where you gotta evaluate potential + something to prove. If the potential is legit and he’s gonna be open ears with a chip on his shoulder, and he has multiple years of eligibility, the ceiling is probably higher than a mid major star. If all those boxes aren’t checked, then I agree.
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