Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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What sources ?
show you the treasure of the sierra madre GIF by Warner Archive
Kid is from west of Chicago, he didn't grow up wanting to wear clown pants
Beyond that, RayJ would be competing with Xavier Johnson for minutes at IU. Here he would be handed the starting PG job on a platter. (I know, I know, you have to earn your minutes with Brad, but c'mon). Seems like about as obvious of a fit as you could find, especially if the NIL money is there.
Enjoyed the NFL draft … Spent some time with Miss Indy Illini Fan … Talked to a few people in the know …

All of that to say …. I am very relaxed … And not at all worried about whether or not Tyger is coming to backup RayJ …

Nice. And what a draft it was! I am wondering who will back up Tyger :)
Not open for further replies.