Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Insiders - any insight into how these player dealings like the MN hotel room happened before it was above board with NIL? I feel like meeting at the BTT in minny is a wild move but maybe not anymore. Curious how this was all handled/dealt with before it was part of the game?
Lebron is going to take a sabbatical year away from the Lakers and get in a one-year Master's degree. Expected to be at an Ohio school, since that is his home state. Heard Coach Groce has been on this recruitment HARD. Regardless, Bronny gonna hold down dad's roster spot with the Lakers in the interim. /sarcasm, of the friendliest sort :)

Jeez, this barreled Manhattan is NOICE! I wonder what I've been tapping out on the wireless keyboard? Oh well, can't be TOO outrageous, can it? ...
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GIF by Saturday Night Live

How do I get invited to such meetings…
Have millions of dollars….
Gonna hate seeing Small at Michigan, he is gonna be a problem!!

If he follows his coach of course.
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@Indy Illini Fan and I are going to need someone to drop the bag for us to stay. We believe we’re potential lottery pick insiders and the NIL situation here doesn’t reflect that.we have families to feed.

Time to take the dog for a walk. I'll drop the bag on your porch on the way back.

I figure that if your going to give someone sh*t, you might as well do it right. :p


Illini Dawg
Luke and Nico has been my bet. Love them both. The new signee just replaced Luke.
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