Illinois Loyalty Location Census

Where do you currently live?

  • IL - Chicago

    Votes: 34 6.3%
  • IL - Chicago Suburbs

    Votes: 76 14.0%
  • IL - Northern Illinois (Not Chicagoland)

    Votes: 22 4.1%
  • IL - Central Illinois

    Votes: 112 20.7%
  • IL - Southern Illinois

    Votes: 37 6.8%
  • Another state in the Midwest (IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, MO, OH, NE, ND, SD or WI)

    Votes: 77 14.2%
  • A Northeastern state (CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT or DC)

    Votes: 25 4.6%
  • A Southern state (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA or WV)

    Votes: 85 15.7%
  • A Western state (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY)

    Votes: 64 11.8%
  • Outside of the United States

    Votes: 10 1.8%

  • Total voters
Class of 2017, Comp Eng
Born in Dubai and lived in Toronto for a bit but grew up in NJ and went to Illinois. Got a job and live in San Francisco now
South Carolina
Grew up in Springfield and was on freshman team in 1967 when Springfield HS went to the state basketball tournament and finished in 3rd place due to our starting center, Dave Robisch (went to Kansas and had a good NBA career). He held the tournament record back then scoring 39 points or more in 3 out of the final 4 games (scored 25 in the other). We lost to Pekin and Fred miller who went on to play for the Illini. That experience at Assembly Hall (even though I was sitting behind the bench) convinced me to go to U of I.

I graduated and moved to LA and received graduate degree there. Moved to AZ in 1979 and have been here ever since.
Fred Miller! A great Illini name!! Just about the time I started watching Illini basketball as a youngster. 1-2 years later...............Dave Sholz, Mike Price, Greg Jackson, Randy Crews and Jodi Harrison. My grade school coach adopted the 3-2 zone that Harv Schmidt used to play at times with that team.
Montgomery County, Maryland
I've mentioned it before, perhaps, but despite both my parents being from 'sconsin and graduating from the University of Bucky Badger, I was born in Ferguson, MO and grew up in Cook County.

I moved to Maryland in 2005. Shortly thereafter the White Sox won the World Series, the Bears went back to the Super Bowl and the Blackhawks won multiple Stanley Cups. Had I known, I would have moved years earlier.
Born and raised in Detroit. After the U of I, lived in San Diego, NY, and Atlanta. Have actually lived all over the country since then. From north to south and east to west. Currently in NC but, trying to get back to S FL.
South Carolina
I thought this would be fun to see how far reaching the Illinois Loyalty community is after reading about our dear West Lafayette friend who is going to be cheering on the Illini tomorrow night! Forum friends, where are you currently representing Illini Nation? :cool:

(Define Northern IL, Central IL and Southern IL however you normally would, and bear with me on how I chose to define the regions of the country if you disagree with the cutoffs! ;))

Chicago for me!
This has turned out to be an incredible idea. Thanks for the entertainment value it's created. By last count, I think we've had ~400 weighing far.

UofI grad in Accounting. Grew up outside of Springfield, and then didn't live in the state after graduation until a recent 3-year consulting assignment in downtown Chicago. Have spent time in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cincinnati, NYC metro many times, London/UK, Chicago and now South Carolina for good. (I believe I experienced a 225 degree windchill difference when traveling home from CHI to SC one weekend during that consulting engagement.)

Favorite Illini team = Winters, Douglas, Montgomery, Altenberger and Richardson. Have attended 4 games so far this season, which is a record since perfect attendance during my 4 years in Champaign-Urbana.
uh, Maine
Nice! May see me running around town in an Illini shirt sometime. Any Chicago/IL groups around here for sports watching? Wife and I went down to Boston to watch the Cubs when the series a few years back to be around fellow fans.

There are a few of us around here. I went to the football game v UConn with a buddy of mine who graduated from U of I as well who lives nearby. I think the closet alumni group is the Boston Illini.
Ballwin, MO
Grew up in Watseka. I now live in Ballwin, MO after stops in Greenville, SC and Atlanta.
Side note - I was a Ute in grade school, a Warrior in high school and a Fighting Illini in college. I still remain politically incorrect.
Morrison, CO
Fair enough ... know I was born in Peoria, though, and proudly identify as being from "Downstate." :cool:
Cool. I grew up about 2 hours due north of Peoria in northwest Illinois. In that area, P-town is where Bret Bielema is from.

Fun fact about my hometown which might not be much fun nor a fact, I don't really know. Anyway, according to the Wiki page for the very first Illini men's basketball team (1905-06), the team player-captain for the first couple games was from Morrison meaning that the first Illini basketball coach was from my hometown. Never heard this story growing up and, other than this Wiki page, have no idea whether it's really true.
Navy brat born in Virginia, moved to Granite City (from the locks you can see the Arch end on) and graduated from GCHS. Then in Urbana for four years (where I met my college sweetheart from south suburbs and she's put up with me for...decades), south suburbs for five, Madison Wisconsin then KCMO for a year each (took a course at KC campus of Mizzou, so...). Then ten years west suburbs of Baltimore, and 30+ years in the Poconos. And I wear Illini gear every day and my PA license plates are ILLINII and ILLIINI. (We are...Illini).

In search of Illini to form an official Illini club; if you're interested (or know someone who might be), search on "Eastern Pennsylvania Illini Club" (a.k.a. EPIC), and by "eastern," that's anywhere east of State College. Need to get together for games at PSU, Rutgers, UMd, etc, plus game watches and whatever else we can do.
Decatur to UIUC to Minneapolis to Cincinnati back to Minneapolis to Lafayette to west Lafayette. Crazy that I’ve been in greater Lafayette almost longer than Decatur.
Houston, Texas
Houston, TX. Grew up in LaSalle County, IL and lived most of my adult life in and around the Chicago burbs, save for a three year stint in Aberdeen, Scotland and 6 months each in Fushun, China and Pattaya, Thailand.
Middle TN
I grew up in Waukegan, went to UIUC and graduated in '90. Had a few jobs in Chicago and the south burbs over several years, and then moved to middle Tennessee 17 years ago. I don't miss Chicago traffic or weather, but I do miss the pizza.
Grew up in a very small town in east central Illinois. Graduated from UIUC in '87. Orange Crush for 4 years and was still able to walk down onto floor into Crush through the '89 season since the usher recognized me (even took a couple med school friends with me for the Michigan game where Battle had the turnaround dunk over the dude!). Chicago 87-91 and south ever since. Living in Nashville since 2000. Great memories of U of I friends, bars, IMPE, education......
NW Suburbs
Grew up near Springfield, Northwest Chicago Suburbs after graduation from UIUC in 1980 and been there ever since. Currently putting the house on the market to move to Mpls/StPaul and be near the grandkids.

First Illini fandom started with Nick Weatherspoon and Nick Connor basketball teams. Decided that I would go to UIUC when my high school took a field trip to a football game in 1974 when Bob Blackman's Illini beat WSU.
San Bernardino, Ca.
Grew up in Champaign (Go Centennial). Graduated from UI in '76. Have lived mostly in Champaign until we moved to the Inland Empire in 2012.
Born and raised in Centralia, yep the Orphans, actually wore a b-ball Jersey there! At UI from 81-87, {grad school} Worked at O’Malleys😳 Great memories! Spent some time at Kams also😜
Live in central/west Georgia now. Still stay in touch with an old roommate and his family in Champaign, getup for a football game every now and then. Would love to go back and work there, but that wind and cold🌬⛄️