Kofi Cockburn declares for NBA Draft

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Yikes this is not good. I don’t think he comes back, no source on that but just a feeling.
I've seen some people say that Kofi is leaving it open for him to return. I think he is trying to see if he has a chance to go in the first round. I personally don't think he would as I have not seen him in any mock drafts. I believe he will return and will be a lottery pick in 2021.
Congratulations to Kofi. He was awesome at Illinois.
Maybe circumstances change and he returns, who knows. Would he ever be a 1st rounder in the modern NBA? Similar player...Udoka Azubuike a 4 year player was B12POY & All American and still is projected as a 2nd rounder — his draft status hasn’t budged for 3 years. Kofi is 16 days older than Udoka.
Congratulations Kofi.
This is for the best. Giorgi couldn't play on the floor with him so this opens us lots of minutes for Giorgi next year.

in case it isn't obvious

You had me for a moment there. I always figured Kofi would go and Giorgi would be pushed aside by an unnamed recruit.
Pros: Not on many current draft boards, seemingly leaving the option to return open, can't really bank on flying/playing abroad in other pro leagues should he not get drafted given everything that is going on in the world today

Cons: Twitter message sounded an awful lot like goodbye, not being on campus allows a lot of opportunity for these player's camps to hype them up, I feel the rate of players actually returning is a lot less than you would think given how many don't actually get drafted
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of anyone on last year's team (Ayo and AG included), losing Kofi would make the biggest difference for next year's team. we simply don't have depth at his position that we do at the guard positions. regardless, what could have been? sigh.
Everyone calm down, there are hundreds of kids declaring. He is just getting feedback and it has been confirmed that he is possibly returning. Ayo and Kofi both may be back next year.
I agree. My first reaction was NOOOOOOO!!!!, but then I realized this is probably the best thing for him. Kofi will get critical, honest feedback, and he can use that to focus his development over the next year. My guess is that not even Kofi expects to go pro this year, unless he's told it's money in the bank, (i.e. a first round lock), and I don't think any of us expect that.
If getting a degree is his first priority or if he really enjoys being in college, he should come back. OTOH, if his primary goal is to have a professional basketball career, it absolutely makes sense to go pro so he can work on his game full time without the distraction of classes. I have to believe he can develop his game more playing 60 games a year and practicing every day against guys who are more experienced and stronger than him.
If he gets drafted, congrats to him! I would love to see him in orange and blue again next year but will support him in his decision either way. If he and Ayo return for one last dance, I'll be ecstatic.

This. As of now, both could be back. Those predisposed to be positive will be, and those predisposed to be negative will be.

Both groups will have to wait, and let’s hope we get both next year!
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