Lovie Smith hired as Texans head coach

Lovie’s demands:

1) No recruiting!
2) Unlimited jobs for family members
3) Seven hour workdays
4) Assistants can have only NFL coaching experience, or almost no coaching experience
5) We will not pressure opposing QBs
6) We will not alter our decades-old defensive schemes for any reason
7) Turnovers win games! At least twice a year
8) I’m not saying any more to the press than necessary, if that
9) Just so we’re clear—no recruiting!
10) If I have a coordinator vacancy, I’ll just be that coordinator. That doesn’t mean I’ll be doing any additional work though
11) Field goals, field goals, field goals. And if the field goal is risky, punt
12) I don’t really do social media but beard memes are fine
13) My son is allowed to punch people
14) Tight ends will not be targeted in my offense
15) Let’s talk about the terms of the buyout

Texans: We don’t have a problem with any of this
Can a person get a furlough from prison to join Lovie's coaching staff? Asking for a friend.
DC position the Texans don't have to hire and pay...unless Lovie double dips.
Old habits die hard...
Smith has always had a defensive coordinator in the NFL. His best Bears defenses were with a strong, independent DC - Ron Rivera and Rod Marinelli. His worst were with Babich who was a linebackers coach and pretty much DC in name only. The pretty decent defense from his '15 Bucs team (top 10 in fewest yards allowed, second worst in starting field position due to offensive turnovers and horrible special teams) had Leslie Frazier as DC.