Michigan State 76, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

Why don’t we work on a pick and roll with Ayo/Feliz and Kofi/Giorgi? Would probably get more open 12-15 footers for the guards and might get the bigs rolling for dunks. Sparty seemed to kill us all night with it.


I thought the team would lose.

But I thought the team would be competitive.
Absolutely. gutless effort.! Down by 6 at half lose by 20. I'm going to call it as i saw it. These guys choked! What makes a player choke? FEAR! Nobody had the guts to make a shot! I will say Griffin played hard.
This is a tough league. MSU is one of the toughtest place to play. We didnt turn the ball over but we missed a TON of good shots. Ayo played well but all this talk of us having 2 first round picks this year needs to stop. Our team is better than tonight so lets move on and learn and grow. Kofi is a talent but is a young inexperienced player. We will get better the more the season moves forward as AG and Kofi get better. MSU wont lose many if any at home. I hoped we could hit some shots and win we couldnt even make a free throw . AG was not afraid nor was Ayo. We have talent we just need to make shots and find some confidence i am excited that we didnt turn it over. Missing shots happens .
We are lost offensively... the weave on the perimeter is not working. We have 4 players that have scored near 30 points a
game or more in the past that are now non-existent... Trent, Kipper, Tevian, and Dre. Someone has to step up or we are headed for a sub- .500 season in the BIG.
I will be sorely disappointed in Underwood (more than I currently am) if Griffin isn't starting against Purdue over Williams. No clue on why we aren't running screens to get our guards a decent look at 3's. I see the picks but the guards aren't pulling up to take the 3. I'm guessing they aren't coached to do so.....
I'm going to say this , too. Cockburn, is not good offensively, yet, unless he is really deep. And having GB at the top of the key on offense with the ball in his hands is a bad move. Too many times your going to get a missed 3 or a bad entry for a turnover.
We had good shots we just missed em. and free throw shootings sucked. Kofi needs to quit with the lay ups ans be aggreesive and dunk that sob
Been an big Underwood supporter but whatever he is doing isnt working. I still believe he gets one more year with the recruiting class he has coming in next year.
As a kid, my dad and grandpa would tell me about how the UI football program used to be one of the flagship programs in the country or at least the Big 10. I couldn't fathom at the time, how such a fall from grace was even possible. Well, it's happening right before our eyes with the basketball program. Hemingway wrote of bankruptcy that it happens a little at a time then all at once. Well, so does perpetual ineptitude and we're getting close to the "all at once " part of that analogy. Sad times. Hopefully next year serves as some kind of corner turning epiphany for BU and the team.