Michigan State 88, Illinois 80 Postgame


Agonizing f- loss.

But Happy Chinese New Year nonetheless, Illini family.

Gotta maintain positivity on the auspicious day, so…

I’m gonna focus on how Terrance Shannon is returning to form. Running the open court, explosive and fluid and powerful. Capable of carrying the team in critical stretches. A dragon.

Illini three point shooting when we’re locked in, streaking flames arching across the sky from multiple directions. A dragon.

And our Illini fanbase: a mountain of gold, spread wide across this earth. A dragon.

Unfortunately, we were also destructive and reckless today. A dragon.

Coach Underwood, his jaw wide open, shrieking at horrific officiating. A dragon.

Wishing joy, prosperity, and enduring good health to you and all your loved ones, Illini family. Hoping the golden qualities of our team continue to coalesce and deepen. Hoping each of you can shed any unnecessary suffering from this game and give attention to the precious things in your lives.


The Galloping Ghost

Washington, DC
I simply don't understand having Luke on the floor instead of Ty with the game in the balance. Ty is just as good a free-throw shooter, which is insane, but true. Ty's way better defensively, way better at rebounding, and a better offensive option in general. The only thing Luke does is shoot threes and get absolutely cooked on defense. I like Luke, but Ty is inarguably one of our best players and needs to be on that court.