MLB Will Implement Universal DH



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There's actually not more time between innings. It's just that they play commercials for longer. Now, they cut to commercial immediately after the last out and come back close to the next pitch. Back in the 80s, there'd be a minute or two of the announcers talking after they came back from commercial. The break is just as long. They just squeeze a couple extra commercials into the same amount of time.

Here's a great article comparing the broadcasts of a game from 1984 (Mets at Cubs) and a game from 2014 (Brewers at Pirates). The games had identical scores, the same number of pitches thrown, the same number of baserunners and the same number of batters come to the plate. The 2014 game lasted 35 minutes longer and the article looks for what took up the extra time. It's a fascinating read and really entertaining, especially if you have any nostalgia at all for 80s baseball.
That was truly superb! Fascinating!!

I have just one complaint --- the author referred to Arnie Harris as "Arte". Otherwise, a wonderful contribution.


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I think what you mentioned about action has a huge impact, but their analytics don’t square away the positive effect of running.
That's exactly it though. The baseball we have is the absolutely most optimized possible baseball for the rules as they are, and every year moves further in that direction as teams find new ways to break new territory in baseball the way trends are going.

Change the rules, and the play will optimize toward those rules by the same mechanism.

We know what we want, we want at bats to take less time and to end with balls in play more often, and we want more plays on the bases. We want the old baseball back.

Baseball is a traditional game and there is understandable and justifiable resistance to doing anything too crazy or out there. But we know the target, just keep making the best moves you can until you get there.

And there's an expectations-setting element too, kinda like the Federal Reserve with interest rates, if it's crystal clear there are going to be rule changes until a faster, more aerobic baseball is achieved, the smart teams and coaches and young players will adjust ahead of that curve to gain an advantage.