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so, another Brown goes today(the Bears?) maybe a illini linebacker or O-lineman, or am i drinking too much koolaide?
what does a day like this do for a program? should we see immediate (this recruiting cycle) results?

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I don't know if Chase is the kind of RB the Bears need, but I would love this.
as would I, but doubtful

I saw a prediction of him going to the Bills in early 5th round.
Im sure his family would love that - close to home
Wow, Lovie and team knew how to pick em! And what did we get? 7 wins maybe. CoachB and company Develope and more Development. Stunning the failure of Lovies tenure. I will always thank him for the stability, brand name, and playing a role in new football facilities. But man oh man. On field product was horrible. Thanks Current Coaches to bringing a legit plan and follow up each day!
Disappointed not to hear Chase Brown's name in Round 2.
First and only time Almamater don a jersey of Ilini player.


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Yay! Congratulations, Chase! That’s a good team…


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