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Couple of Bears related notes:

-Eddy Pineiro officially named the Bears starting kicker
-Bears have signed Cody Whitehair to a 5-year extension worth $52.5 million with $27.5 million guaranteed.
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This is the most excited you've been about a Bears season opener since _______
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Geronimo Allison mispronounced Illinois with an S. Come on man.
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Well there was good and bad from that Bears first half. The good was how good the defense looked for a good chunk of that first half. They're the main reason this game is so close. The bad was how the offense looked. Quite a stark difference from how they looked late last season.
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Oh man, boo this offense.

I fully understand it is barely past 50% of the first game...just damn frustrating.
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The Packers are not this good on defense. Just a poor showing by offense.
And that sack is the cherry on top of an absolute dud of a performance from the Bears offense tonight. While Bears have had seasons in past where D has carried them in spite of the offense, there's way too much talent on this offense to have a performance like this one.
No turnovers was the key. At least 2 balls that bounced last year. And the whole offense doing nothing
Did they even have a plan going into the game? It's like they believed all the preseason hype and thought they could just trot on the field and score 40.

Luckily it's only week 1. Plenty of time to turn it around. Lost to the Packers last year week 1 and it turned out ok.
But I will defend Trubisky a little. He threw it 45 times tonight. We only ran the ball 15 times. That's ridiculous. Jam it down their throat and pick and choose when to sling it. That's how Trubisky will be successful IMO. 3 capable RBs and we use them as WRs most of the time.
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