NFL Thread 2021-2022

Geneseo, IL
Listening to Nagy's post game comments was annoying as usual. No sense of urgency, and it sounded like they were resigned to their fate before the game even began. This lends credence to my thought that he has been assured of job security.
Owners of the Bills and Sabres will require fans to be vaccinated in order to attend home games involving the two teams:

For the Bills, they're going to require every fan age 12 and up to have received at least one covid shot in order to attend, beginning with the Week 3 game vs. the Washington Football Team. Every fan will have to be fully vaccinated beginning with the Week 8 game vs. Miami. Once the new policy is in place, masks will not be required for those above the age of 12.

Bills are now the 4th NFL team to require fans to be fully vaccinated in order to attend, joining the Saints, Seahawks, and Raiders though the Saints and Seahawks will allow someone to attend if they have a negative covid test.
Geneseo, IL
Why are the Bengals running so much empty backfield? At least make the Bears think about Mixon.
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