NFL Thread 2022-2023

NFL announced that full 2022 schedule will officially be released on May 12. Other details regarding the schedule:

-April 28: First Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime will be announced during Round 1 of NFL Draft (yeah that starts next week)
-May 4: International game matchups announced; home teams are already known for these games
-May 9: Games to be played on Christmas Day will be announced.
-May 9-12: NFL will announce date and times of "select games" on schedule

Even though the schedule won't be officially announced until 8 PM ET on May 12, each team will be able to announce their home opener at 6 PM ET that day.

With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, the league has announced they will have a game played that day in each normal Sunday window (1 PM ET, 4:25 PM ET, 8:15 PM ET). There will still be a Thursday night game and a Monday night game that week in addition to the bulk of the remainder of the league playing on Christmas Eve, including an NFL Network game that night. They've also said there will be two NFL games played in seasons when Christmas Day falls on Monday.
Looking like lots of guys are gonna get their chance at the next level!! #famILLy
Kramer and Hansen will both make their teams. Kramer is in a great situation with the Bears. Hansen is just a tough football player who is familiar with Lovie. I wish he had been drafted by the Bears.
I agree with you that Kramer will stick. Not seeing it with Hansen.
I think that Kramer has come into a great opportunity with the state of the Bears OL corps right now.
Drinking the orange Kool aid a bit but I'd almost put cash on him beating out Mustipher if they let him battle for the spot. Mustipher has the athleticism of dried mud honestly.


M tipping over
Kinda surprised BP signed a contract, but best of luck to him. Was that expected?
NFL International Series games announced this morning. Here are the match-ups:

-October 2nd: Vikings-Saints (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium)
-October 9th: Giants-Packers (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium)
-October 30th: Broncos-Jaguars (Wembley Stadium)
-November 13th: Seahawks-Bucs (Allianz Arena)
-November 21st: 49ers-Cardinals (Estadio Azteca)

The Vikings-Saints, Giants-Packers, and Seahawks-Bucs games will air on NFL Network. Broncos-Jaguars will be on ESPN+ (It will carry one international game every year through 2033). 49ers-Cardinals will be on ESPN. All the games in Europe will have 8:30 AM CT starts. The 49ers-Cardinals game will have a 7:15 PM CT start since it's a Monday night game.
Thing to remember with punters like Blake Hayes is that hangtime is very important to the NFL scouts. That's part of the reason why the San Diego State punter Matt Araiza, who has a cannon for a leg, wasn't the first punter off the board.

That being said, Araiza having the wind in Buffalo to work with could be fun.
I still think he will get a try out sometime down the line...especially if he does well in Canada...
Kinda surprised BP signed a contract, but best of luck to him. Was that expected?
He signed with the Chargers... I hope Justin Herbert will be ok with being BP’s backup.
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I thought Hayes was going to the CFL? I guess he still could, just not sure how that back and forth works. I’m glad he’s getting a tryout and I think he has a great chance to catch on somewhere this season.