Northwestern 58, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

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Mokena, IL
St Paul, MN
Losing to NU unheard of in Henson era. No help from the zebras for sure. What have we done in the past to not ever a get a call to go our way?
That last sequence really sucked. The call that waived off MH's game tying shot, then the bump by lumpkin....not happy....

You hate for it to come down to the last play like that, but WTF!!!!!! When will refs learn to just let the game play out in the last 5 freaking seconds like that!!! Golly jee.... Give us an f-ing break. If I were Groce, I'd be livid.

Sincerest apologies for my post game rant.
Shot 37% from the field. MH with 13 rebounds and 9 assists per
I didn't think anyone could make me feel more depressed about Illini sports than Tim Beckman.

I was wrong. :tsk:
both teams were brutal

not like this game should ever come down to a last position play anyway..
Funny, yeah, refs wow, I don't even care really about losing anymore. Kinda numb. However, If I'm Malcolm Hill, I'd have hard time not to come up swinging after that inexplicable sequence. Why even take the court as a player if you have no decision in the outcome.