Northwestern 68, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

I wouldn't have had Georgio anywhere near that play, just putting another defender in the mix, we had 3 guys way too close to each other on that play. Give them some room. Shot 40% again, just hard to win games when you consistently shoot around 405 or under.

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The shot clock violation is on BU. Ask any high school or college coach and 99% of them would have called a timeout in that situation to get a shot, even if it is a 23 foot three. The play at the end of the game and the loss are on the players. I am not as high on BU as I was when he was hired, but there were enough plays left out there today to say we should have won that game. At some point accountability is on the players to execute and make plays.
Hard to win games when you don’t have 1 Upperclassmen that is a true Big 10 caliber starter. Complain about coaching all you want......until more talent is brought in they won’t win very often.
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We need to recruit intelligent players. 5 start means nothing to me. Recruit intelligence, and maybe we can win some games, and not look like a lost puppy.
It doesn't matter who we recruit if they can't get off the bench playing behind program changing walk-ons. I can excuse the poor execution to a degree. Young, blah blah blah. But if we are full of freshman no walk on should ever play unless we are up by 40. Ever.
BU said lots of tears in the locker room, whenever you have tears.....yikes.

I see tears as a team that cares. I see tears as team that's going to be keep battling to get over the hump. Remember, the majority of this roster was put together last spring/summer. The one player who was signed last fall dominate the majority of this game. The rest of the team has so much potential/promise, they just aren't there YET.

Stick with them and Coach, it's gonna happen with this roster.

If there weren't tears, I'd be a lot more worried about a mass exodus like last year.
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Why wasn't the whole damn bench yelling clock or shot or whatever? Watch the replay, it's like they were unaware also, which is beyond inexcusable.
THIS!!!!!!! 4 coaches, 4 teammates on the floor, 8 teammates on the bench and my family is the only people screaming to shoot it. Absolutely cannot happen.
The final play of the game is the exact argument that these players aren’t playing to what the coach is coaching them. Botched inbound turned into loss of composure and a hail mary play.
Coach can only show them the path, these guys need to walk it by being more composed, and having better instincts.
It’s a young team, i just keep telling myself that.
Nothing wrong with tears it means they care. Tyler, played well the first half on defense which they needed.
What's up with Frazier,I hope it's the flu......I worry it's about who the Alpha Dog is. Not the best passes to Frazier on last 2 possessions.
Wow, emotions control your post much.

Northwestern's last possession, whatever Collins drew up, completely broke down, took a wild 3, missed, got a loose rebound and made a shot.

Our last possession, whatever Underwood drew up, kids fumbled the ball, took a wild 3, missed, time expired.

The prior possession (shot clock violation), whatever Underwood drew up, defense forced it to break down, young team (Georgi) looses track of clock.

What these games typically come down to (nail biters) are kids making a play, very rarely does a coach truly influence a lot. They made the final play, we didn't.

Still wish we would see more of our Freshman, mistakes or not, we're losing regardless.
look at the second to last possession (shot clock violation). Trent gave the ball up to kipper 20 ft from the basket on the baseline with about 7 on the shot clock!? Don't know they have done to him, but Trent would never give the ball up that late and he has done it time and again the last 3 games. Can't win without him.
Lots of positives to take with this L, it just stings. Damonte has been great, really think he takes a big step throughout this season.
The game was closer than I expected and I actually thought we might win because we were making ft’s. Obviously a massive fail at the end.

Our spacing on offense bothers me a lot. I don’t understand why we are always dragging the defense to the ball. One man cuts and the other is 5 ft behind him. If the ball goes in to either one it’s clogged up. The guys off the ball don’t seem to find an open spot for a kick out. The bigs did a good job of finishing, but no one moved to an open spot for them to pass out if they needed to.

A game we could have won. There are few chances the rest of the way. Have to take advantage when we have one and we didn’t.

Go Bears.