Pregame: Illinois at Iowa, Saturday, February 4th, 1:30pm CT, FOX

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Illinois at Iowa
Saturday, February 4th
1:30pm CT
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Do we need to pull for Iowa tonight?
Do we need to pull for Iowa tonight?
Probably not, if NW fades like I think they will after tonight.
Obviously, we need to win our games anyway.
A finish anywhere from 2-4th place would be completely fine with me.
We didn't get a bad loss to NU tonight, that was probably more important in the long run.
This one will be really tough, we will be the underdog because we are!! If we play a full game and hit some shots, our D can help us steal a W.
If we get this one we are set up really well for the double bye in the B10 tourney, and a 4-5 seed in the dance.
I live in the Illinois QC 11 blocks from the mighty Mississippi right across from the border of the alien nation known around here as "sqwaukeye". On a hot summer day with a westerly breeze I can smell the stench of iowa city. There is no more despicable fan base then iowa. Excuse making sore losers. Arrogant poor winners. A snapshot of their cry baby coach. For Illini fan here there is no bigger game, no bigger rival. Its THE game circled on our calendars the day the schedule comes out. Its a must win. Nothing shuts up sqwaukeye like a loss to our Illini. He will disappear into the shadows like the roach he is. So guys please dont make me beg. Take this with the seriousness and urgency it deserves. We need your best. 110% from every man. 40 minutes of focus and intensity. I am far from a religious man but on gameday I will pray to the basketball gods for a victory with the belief you will deliver us from evil ! Amen!

Illini in OC

In. The. Alley.
I assume Luke will make his debut at SFC.
Even so, any update on his physical readiness to play? Would kill to see him dagger the house of Satan.
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