Pregame: Illinois at Michigan, Saturday, November 19th, 11:00am CT, ABC

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I’m not expecting a huge turnout, but is there a section where most Illinois fans will be? I’m in section 10 in the top southeast corner of the stadium, which historically has been an away fan portion of the stadium. Wondering how many faithful may be around me.

My family will be in Section 9. The Marching Illini are in Sections 8 & 9 rows 86-95.

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To all the Illini fans attending the game today, have a safe fun time. I have never been to their stadium but I've attended a number of Michigan/Illinois games during the Lloyd Carr era days in Champaign. To say their fanbase is made up of insufferable POS low lives is an understatement.

I am hoping for a valiant effort today and want to emphasize that we are only in year 2 of the Bielema era (who actually knows what he is doing and has good to great connections in terms of recruiting/transfers )


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Illinois football head coach Bret Bielema traveled with the Illini team Friday for its game at Michigan, according to Illinois broadcaster Scott Beatty on Friday's Illinois men's basketball radio broadcast.
This comes a day after Bielema's mother, Marilyn Bielema, died on Thursday.

On Friday morning, Bret Bielema tweeted, "Two different times and places that are alive in my mind. One of the last pics with my daughters and the other as I stand looking at an amazing mom who always put everyone else first. Those that knew her know what she was to my family and our community. Love you mom."

Beatty said that Marilyn Bielema died unexpectedly.
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