Pregame: Illinois vs Arkansas, Thursday, March 16th, 3:30pm CT, TBS

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Arkansas is missing Brezile transfer from Missouri and they go brick city like all teams. We have 3 men who can guard Nick. I personally love this match up and then Kansas. We might as well beat the breaks off off both teams. In Iowa, no less. We should be orange strong in Des Moines.


If we can come out with energy, we can win both games and get to the Sweet 16. I would like Brad to start Ty as the point guard. Need to shake the team up.
If we settle for a bunch of 3's which I'm sure Arkansas will be glad to let us take, it will be a long day. Unless we get lucky and they uncharacteristically go in.
Not really seeing how this is such an awful draw. I feel like Kansas is the most beatable of the 1-seeds we could have drawn. I wanted no part of Alabama or Houston. Arkansas has been inconsistent down the stretch.

It was going to be tough no matter what, but I'm not mad about what we got. Hope fans show up in Des Moines. ILL!
If we can find a way to play interior defense like we did in the first half of our league schedule Arkansas will struggle to score against us. Big, big if.
For me it’s all house $ for this team. If we just get blown out on Thurs is that anything we haven’t already seen a # of times this year? Can we realistically be expecting a run out of this team?
OTOH, we have been given the oppty to surprise some big names if we catch fire….
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