Pregame: Illinois vs Florida Atlantic, Saturday, December 29th, 2:00pm CT, BTN Plus

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14. Illinois Fighting Illini (4-8)
Illinois remains the only Big Ten team with a losing record. Double-digit losses to Missouri, Ohio State and Nebraska since our last Power Rankings affirm Illinois’ position as the bottom of the barrel in the conference.

I am optimistic about what Trent, Ayo, and Georgi might do over the next couple of seasons. I am not optimistic about BU's recruiting ability. But the best thing is it can't really get any worse than where we are now.

The only way is UP. :thumb::whoo:
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Looking for advice from the frequent attendees.

Bringing my kids (6 & 3) to their first game on Saturday. Anything we should definitely see pregame since the renovation? And how early do the doors open? Can't find it on Parking recommendations? Thanks!
Doors to State Farm Center open 60 minutes prior to basketball games. via
I don't think this has been posted here yet. Good article on Giorgi:
What an inspiring story. Given what his family has accomplished bringing Illinois to the top of the BIG should be no problem. What a great attitude. Everyone should be so positive. I suggest that everyone on this board focus on and expect the positive. In reality what is gained by focusing on the negative?
Looking for advice from the frequent attendees.

Bringing my kids (6 & 3) to their first game on Saturday. Anything we should definitely see pregame since the renovation? And how early do the doors open? Can't find it on Parking recommendations? Thanks!
They may be a bit young for the Hall of Fame room on the west side across from the ticket office but certainly worth a look. Pay Parking is available in the lot which is west across First Street, entry on the far west side off Oak Street or pay parking is available at the I Hotel across from SFC to the south.
Underwood: It's been a productive couple days. A few days of practice. Getting ready for an 8-4 FAU team. Nice ballclub. They're good.

Underwood: They will probably test our ball-screen defense like it hasn't been tested in while.

Nice variety of post players who can pick 'n roll & pick 'n pop. Guards are downhill drivers.

Spent a lot of time there after we botched about every ball-screen vs. Mizzou.

Underwood: The last 7 min of the Missouri game was a lack of discipline. We did some random things.. Out of position, gambling for steals.

We had 7 consecutive plays where we made the wrong play. And Missouri made us pay.

Underwood: You can't have 6 assists and win a game. But if you give me the 6 misses that Kipper had from three... He probably makes 6 in a row with those looks.

Underwood on progress through the first third of the season: If I'm putting a grade on it... It's probably a B- or B. We're better. It's been a mixed bag.

Underwood: The last couple of games from Ayo... I don't think we'll see that Ayo anymore. He's had a tremendous week of practice.

[7th missed game] Underwood: Tevian (Jones) will not be in tomorrow's game.

Underwood: Most days I like our leadership. And yet, there's still a piece we're still looking for.

Underwood: When you're down late in the game & things get really tough.. There's a silent leadership that comes with stepping up & making a FT.

There's a winning bravado & competitive leadership. Wanting to win everything. We need that.

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I am generally an optimist, but a B- or a B grade for the first third of the season?
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This tells me he was grading on expectations. He already knew this schedule would be a killer, it was only a question of just how dead it would kill us. A team this young was never going to have a winning record. With any luck, next year's team will be older. If it is not, i.e., if we see another set of massive departures, then we have a real problem.
We are officially set for tomorrow...

Our players are not thriving in this system. I know we don’t have the level of talent or experience, aside from Trent, that most BIG teams have, but we seem to have guys with abilities that have not being capitalized on; Alan and Samba have both shown flashes. So, a question: Are these guys so in their heads that they can’t just play? They just seem so “locked up.”
Missing shots makes a pretty big difference to a young players mentality. Other than Trent, Jordan, and Giorgi, who is actually making shots right now? This season is going to be a test more than anything at this point. Will the Freshman stick it out and stay the course or will they be babies and transfer out? If they stick it out we could be good down the road..If they become a bunch of babies then Underwood may lose his job in a yr or 2.
One reason Kane's only been able to show flashes is because of the amount time he's on the court. Get him in the game more, Griffin and Jones, too. If Jones ever gets to play.
Surprised (and disappointed) that none of the "journalists" who were in attendance asked about AG and playing time, especially after BU mentioned it in the Misery post game presser and the resulting kerfuffle on social media, which . Suggests one of three things:

1) They value access over conflict
2) It was addressed in informal discussions and thus not addressed in the presser
3) There is something going on that everyone knows about/is generally aware of, but has "agreed" (explicitly or implicitly) not to talk about
If we just had Leron Black, we'd be a real B- team instead of D+.
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