Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan, Tuesday, February 13th, 6:00pm CT, Peacock

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Illinois vs Michigan
Tuesday, February 13th
6:00pm CT


Eugene, Oregon
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Next 5 are all must wins if this team can do what we want them to do in March. Should not lose any of those games, including Maryland, who we better be fired up to play against
Yeah, I'm watching Maryland-OSU right now and Maryland is less than impressive
Michigan will probably have their best game of the year on Tuesday. Seems to be the way things have been rolling for us lately.

Oh well. In my mind fine does not equal FF.

This is the angst. While I think people overrate our talent I do believe as a team we were looking great pre suspension. Not so much now.

On the positive side we can still beat anyone.
Of course we all know the negative.

I'm hoping for a solid performance but I'm afraid of a big win that comes without fixing problems.
Michigan is terrible and last in the B1G. If we can’t beat them at home then we have issues. Lol
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