Pregame: Illinois vs Nebraska, Saturday, August 28th, 12:00pm CT, FOX

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Time to start a new chapter in Illinois football. Coach Underwood has the basketball program on the right path, and I think Coach Bielema is going to be the best football coach we have had in a long time. ILL!!!
My "long time" may differ from yours, but I love the sentiment! I haven't been consistently optimistic for more than a season or two since Mackovic. Here's wishing Coach B and his staff great success and longevity at First & Kirby.
Though it may be disappointing to not get Gameday, I get why they chose HBCUs. Sorry if you’re butt hurt about that, but HBCUs deserve attention and recognition.

Exactly. If they thought it was gonna be a game that would draw in eyeballs aside from people like us, they would have came to Champaign. Heck, two years ago they did the show at Disney World leading up to Miami/Florida in Orlando.
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