Pregame: Illinois vs Purdue, Saturday, November 12th, 11:00am CT, ESPN2

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I really want Bielema to embarrass Brohm. IMO Brohm is easily one of the most overrated / over paid coaches in college football. Its baffling that he's one of the top 10 highest paid coaches.

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Attended for 6 months in 75 during g i bill funded tour of state colleges with the exceptional funding provided by Vietnam Nam era g i bill. Also a former student at eastern, SIU, Lakeland JC and Illinois State. 6 yrs, 1 degree. Too much fun, mostly at Panama Reds, the Lion and whatever was on top of Century 21 tower.

Anyone remember the All Star Frogs?
I think I have some DI ads from local bands like Feather Train, REO, Duke Tomato and the like. Should start a whole thread on memories while we can still remember. (Or was it Tomatoe lol)
In my day, we had:
Boni's (our favorite - on 6th. Died our sophomore year). Turned into a mini mall.
White Horse Inn (bucket nights!)
Thunderbird in Urbana (freshman bar - Urbana was 18, Champaign 19)
Kam's - heavy frat presence
Dooley's (later COD's)
Cochranes (across from EE building - quarter Little King's on Wednesdays!)
Illini Inn (mug club)
Red Lion (Changed names several times, was a gay bar for awhile)
Panama Reds (on Green by RR tracks)
Mabel's (bands, on Green street)
Murphy's - grad students
Round Robin - 10 cent hot dogs
DeLuxe Billiards (oh, the fish sandwiches)

Lot's of others that were more restaurants that served beer (Treno's, Coslow's, Zorba's, etc.)

Geez - how'd I ever graduate.
You nailed my list. There was huge bar at the same location before Cochranes's. I went there 1976-1977 as a freshmen to play foosball. Anybody remember the name?


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I seem to remember...or partially remember, R&R having Long Island pitchers for $5...maybe on Thursdays??? Long time ago... However, I always have a mix of "all the clears" in a liter bottle (or two) and can produce said LIT on demand (although, mine is better:LOL:).

Oh yeah...Beat Purdon't because they stink....PU...

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Look what they are getting Effingham this morning. Is Champaign getting this?


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Huge visitors tomorrow
Huge size or huge importance? Lol. This will be an important recruiting and progress weekend and I hope that the team bounces back and shows who leads the B1G West.


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Morning's a brisk 29 * here in Paducah with approximately 2-3 " of snow on the ground.....High today is supposed to be around 41 * and overcast .....

How's the weather look there in Chambana ??............................Here's hoping for a B1G West Division victory for the Illini and a step closer to a division crown...

I will be cuming out with a breakfast inspired pre game menu soon , so hold off on your early morning consumption and with all things considered .................

Illini 24
purdont 10

LETS GO ILLINI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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