Pregame: Illinois vs UTSA, Saturday, September 4th, 6:30pm CT, BTN

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I think the kicking/punting game will be a big factor and we have a huge advantage. BB will have the boys prepared and unless we turnover the ball I think we take care of biz without white knuckles drama.
No, we beat them in football every year from 88-92, which was Herbie's time on campus.
Amazing! I knew we were playing them annually back then, but I didn't realize we had a 5-game winning streak. (Like J Leman's dad, I always brag about the 1980's, but I absolutely did not recall this streak. Five in a row and 7 out of 10 starting in our Rose Bowl season of 1983.)

Kirk recently joined our golf club in South Carolina. I'm going to love having this piece of trivia in my hip-pocket. Thanks!
Paducah, Ky
Could be

I just had a 420 moment and not concerned about it at all

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