Pregame: Illinois vs Virginia, Saturday, September 10th, 3:00pm CT, ESPNU

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Decatur, IL
Game day fellas! Anyone else going over to meet the new basketball players? Ive got nothing else going on. May see if the family wants to go to the game. Wife doesn't enjoy football like she does basketball so I doubt she will want to go. Lets go Loyalty! We need this W.
I think Coach B is the best FB coach the Illini have had in my lifetime, and appreciate the direction he’s taking the program, but he’s coached this team into a handful of losses - the Indiana game being one. That loss is 100% on him and his staff.

This VA game is critical in his ability to keep the team focused after a tough loss, and make the proper coaching decisions that put the team in the best position to win the game.

Edit: At the risk of being over-dramatic, I think his coaching career may depend on this game. Another loss after last weeks debacle really puts this team in a tough spot the remainder of the year. I think coach B needs a bowl, any bowl this year, to remain safe.
No idea how old you are, but White and Mackovic were better. BB is safe for 2 more years.
I'm concerned their QB will pick us apart, again. He's good. I know they lost his favorite target, but he's a very good QB.
He also lost literally every starting memebr of the o-line. He felt a good bit of pressure last week from an FCS defensive front.. so hoping we can make his life uncomfortable enough to slow him down


Paducah, Ky
yea, BB has plenty of time to turn this around. JW not in any "urgent mode" with him with the on field performance .

Geez, we lose a game last weekend that we really should have won, and people are suggesting he's on the hot seat ?
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He also lost literally every starting memebr of the o-line. He felt a good bit of pressure last week from an FCS defensive front.. so hoping we can make his life uncomfortable enough to slow him down
This makes me scared. I don't know if we can generate pressure from our DL alone which is why end of game at IU was such an issue we couldn't just play coverage.
Sorry to say I’m feeling the same way. My heart says Illini win the TO battle, cut their penalties in half and are able to ground out a 24-21 win. Unfortunately, my head says those two things don’t happen and Illini go down 34-20.
I agree with Eye. VA has a healthy, mature program. We are still putting putty in cracks! However, if we eliminate turn-overs, this could be a good game for the Illini. After years of watching rebuilds, I have come to the conclusion that it is a lengthy process and requires patience. A victory would be a great step in the right direction for our process.
agreed, Pru. out of laziness, i may end up requoting my post from last week 30 more times this year--

great quote from BB's presser- 'before you can win you have to stop losing' - sums up so much. they need to believe they are the better team and execute, coaches need to look in the mirror too (though i think more falls on the players executing than the calls themselves).

BB is turning this thing around but this isn't 3 pt turning a Honda Civic in a cul de sac, it's a container ship in open water (can take up to 1.8 miles to turn!).



I’m feeling much better about things as we get closer to game time. I just keep thinking how we outplayed Indiana in almost every category. We only lost because of a few blown calls and our own mistakes. We have the talent to win. We have the motivation. We just need the discipline.

IL 31
VA 27
The B1G West is there for the taking (in the “we can find 3 wins” sort of way) so getting a win today (and then beating Chatty) keeps us on pace for a bowl.

Let’s do it!!

here you go
I like the old ball coach Corso, but the Illini will take care of business today. After heartbreaking losses, teams come out stronger, and coaches come out smarter. The Illini will get it done today, possibly by more points than the experts think. We need to "Chase Brown" them with ball control, and keep them off the field.
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