Purdue 31, Illinois 24 Postgame

Two evenly matched bad teams. Almost dead even on most stats. Difference was turnovers and a them getting some ridiculous calls. At least we know what we have in Coran now.
Nice effort despite being short handed. Coran Taylor may be the way to go in the future. Could of been a blowout so I like the fight in making this a game. Tough games ahead for this team.

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0-9 is definitely happening

When people were like I can’t see 4 or 5 wins in this schedule, I thought they were being ridiculous. I’m dumbfounded and saddened by the lack of progress.
These games happen, but the fact that i felt the same with us being down a touchdown as I felt 2-3 years ago in the same situation (“we’re going to find a way to screw this up”) is emblematic of where we are as a program.

Moral victory U.
That was more entertaining than the wisconsin game. I liked Coran, he should be #3. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes today.

I could have seen a W if we had good Peters in
Chicago, IL
Coran was ok considering it was his first game with 0 prep. Rod Smith needs to go. I don't understand why he never throws it in the middle of the field or play with tempo more often. Every play call takes at least 30 seconds to get in and that's crazy.

Secondary needs an open competition this week because Hobbs, Adams and Brown are just awful this year.

Lastly seeing Luke Ford have only one catch brings up a lot of questions. Is he over rated and bad or is he in the dog house or what ?
We win this one with Peters, not sure there is much difference between
QB2-4. Not sure why Taylor didn't just run for yards on 1st and 10 immediately after the pass interference.