Spring Game game thread



General takeaway from what I’ve read, (I didn’t see it.) was the team looked competent. Not a lot of on field mistakes and with a number of guys sitting it out… that’s really all you can expect in a made for tv play calling script. I’m excited about the upcoming season and some new guys to watch, but like most years, we are dangerously thin at a number of positions. If we stay healthy and some guys make the jump we could be pretty good. If the injury bug hits us in a few spots it could really hurt.
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Well, I appreciate everything posted here. Thanks. Some thoughts after viewing the scrimmage:

I think we will be competitive, with a chance at 6 wins this season. My concern is that Devito may not be tall enough to see the field, stout enough to take all the hits and keep on trucking, and strong enough to get the ball where it needs to be in time. His time at Syracuse suggests my concerns are misplaced, but I have them.
Ton of guys didn't play. I have a few ties to this guy but I was huge on Aidan Laughery joining this squad. If he can stay healthy, he is one of those guys that just needs to get the ball randomly and can make things happen.

I would love to see one formation where you had McCray, Brown and Laughery on the field at the same time. Limited but I was impressed with Brown catching the ball and taking off last year. McCray in the backfield, than have Brown, Laughery and WR Williams all spread out. Those 3 have a knack for making people miss in the open and McCray could shove it down the middle.