The Illinois Football Coaching Search

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Do we think that JW having basically fired two MAC coaches in his tenure make it less likely he’ll look that way here?
Probably not. Would be silly to write off a coach just because he’s from the MAC.
Will be really interesting. Not like was a huge shock - have had years to assess Lovie's replacement - either thru his retirement, mutual parting or other.
I wonder if Josh already has someone ready to go? Probably not. What happened at Northwestern probably led to a spur of the moment decision to dump Lovie immediately and start the coaching search.
I would like for Patterson to be the bridge guy between old staff and new. I heard Scott Turner as a possible choice. That would be interesting. The staff and recruiting will decide success. Can't judge the hire quickly. I thought Sumlin would have been a home run hire at one time. Look how that turned out.
San Antonio
Wasn't yesterday (last 2 weeks actually) the expected outcome? I don't think this was a spur of the moment decision.
Could very well be. Just trying to make some sense of the timing with the crossover game.
1. Josh Huepel
2. Jason Candle
3. Sean Lewis
I would be disappointed by any of those three. Huepel and Candle have not shown enough outside of following other successful coaches. And Lewis has not had enough time to show he can make it happen. No more retreads, no more flash in the pan hires. Time to get someone with a proven track record of building up a program.
Illini0440- you graciously declined to go in depth into your wish list of coaches while Lovie was still employed. I am very curious about your wish list and the breakdown of any truly available/likely to take our phone call candidates
My wish list wouldn’t align with the values I’d the admin at Illinois. It sounds like JW already has his guy and I know he contacted 5-6 coaches before making this decision. You guys should have an answer soon(I don’t know exactly who the choice is yet either)
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