The mascot debate/fandom thread

It’s basically the UTSA mascot. Pass.


Bethalto, IL
I know there's been rumors of the kingfisher as the mascot, but is there any way illinois would pull a fast one and say this is the mascot without a warning or press conference?


Centennial, CO
Somehow this momentum for the kingfisher has to be stopped. As I said before, it will become the mascot by default and we are seeing it happen right before our eyes. I haven't any clear favorite, but even Blocky is better .... LOL! Here is an AI generated Galloping Ghost mascot for you..... double LOL!

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Ha! I'd take that AI generated half horse/half ghost creature over a stupid kingfisher any day. But I'd still prefer Blocky if we have to have anything.
I'm wondering if the halftime performance of the student racing Red Grange is somehow a precursor to some Grange-like galloping ghost mascot.
Here’s an idea. We have a guy ride a horse out on the field and he carries a pole with feathers on it and it’s on fire and he sticks it in the ground while everyone in the stands does a karate chop and does some sort of chant.

There’s another school that does something like that but if you don’t tell, neither will I. Click here for an idea of what it could be like.
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Hey, maybe AI is the way to go!
If I was a student of graphic design (or several other areas of study) AI would have me very concerned.

With that said, I'd like to take the time to go on record announcing my undying loyalty to our new computer intelligence. You will get no fight from me. We are on the same team and will defeat these human parasites.

(Can't hurt to get that out there, right?)
Only name I'd go for is "The Galloping Ghosts." It's unique, it's not a frickin' bird & there's obvious history where it comes from. When the technology presents itself, we could see a hologram of Red Grange on the field!