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I was with you until the praise of Ford.

I also agree that SLU has something really good going. I get to photograph most games, and I was impressed by this year's team -- they just need a bit more consistency. Yuri, the freshman pg, will be a great four-year player. So will freshman Terrence Hargrove Jr. I like Coach Ford just fine. He's been great for SLU.
I should also note that the idea that SLU could be a player on the national scene is kind of silly considering they have already been a player on the national scene. They had a very good program under Charlie Spoonhour and Rick Majerus. They had some great teams mid-century, too. They aren't some random up-and-comer.

I just think Ford has proven he is a guy who can recruit but can't coach. Maybe that's fine in a mid-major league, but it didn't work for him in the Big XII.
I was just wondering how Goodwin has planned out sinceI don’t typically pay attention to the Billikens. He averaged 15ptsand 10 rebs last year. 10 rebs for a 6’3” guard is really impressive. His 28% from 3 and 53% fts not so much. Looks l8ke he declared for the draft.
SLU's problem has always been an administrative one. SLU was part of the old old valley, Cincinnati, Bradley, Wichita State, etc, good conference. The 10,000 pound elephant in the room was facilities, they had none. Games were played at depression built Kiel and the neighborhood was getting tackier by the minute.

I had a classmate that was the HC there decades ago. My wife and I have a bigger travel budget than he did. The administration never could bring themselves to make the necessary investment in facilities to be a player (Ron Guenther would have fit right in).

Building the Chaifetz center solved the first problem. Hiring Majerus and Spoon gave them credability. High school basketball in St Louis and the county 50 years ago was laughable, Illinois teams would blow out Missouri,s very best. Now St Louis talent is top shelf. Ford will do well there, perfect spot for him.
Chaundee Brown is a guy the staff really, really likes.

Not super scientific, but comparing his 2019-20 stats against our rotation guys, he'd have ranked ...
  • 2nd in 3P% (Alan)
  • 2nd in rebounds (Kofi)
  • 3rd in FT% (Alan, Trent)
  • 3rd in mins/game (Ayo, Trent)
  • 3rd in points (Ayo, Kofi)
  • 5th if FG% ... practically tied for 4th (Kofi, Ayo, Alan, Andres)
  • 5th in assists (Ayo, Andres, Trent, Giorgi)
  • tied for 5th in steals with 3 other guys
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